Mallorca 2010

Det får bli på engelska eftersom jag inte orkar översätta det jag skrev till mina kompisar… 😉

I have a feeling this can get long, so don’t start reading unless you have a couple of minutes to spare… 😉

Almost all our holidays has started with an early alarm going off before dawn, so this year it was very pleasant not having to be at the airport before noon since our flight left at 2:40.

A neighbor gave us a lift to the airport Friday July 9th; and when we got there B & M were already there with the girls.

They had brought sandwiches, but we bough lunch after checking in; not a very good start to the holidays since the chicken was red inside & we had to send it back. The chatting was nice though & it continued throughout the holidays… 🙂

 Of course the flight was delayed almost an hour, so when we landed in Mallorca our transfer was about to leave, but we caught it last minute! 🙂

The bus up to Cala Bona on the east side of the island took over an hour & we got there a couple of minutes past 9 pm, s o the restaurant of the hotel was closed…

We got up to our rooms (next door to each other as we had requested) with our luggage and then went out to look for a place to eat.

 We ended up at a restaurant by the sea and had a great dinner. My aunt knows a man who owns a restaurant in Cala Bona, so she had given us the name of the restaurant, but it was too late to look for it for dinner, but we asked the waiter where it was by the end of dinner? Oh, it’s right over there! It was the restaurant on the corner, only some 50 from where we sat!

But it was late, the kids were tired and we too, so we decided to get a good night’s sleep & go there the next day instead.

The a/c was not working properly, so after a warm night Hubby & M complained down at the reception and we got into our bathing suits and sat down by the pool. By noon the reception called us, to tell us they couldn’t fix the air. We asked for fans, but they didn’t have any. We told them that we couldn’t spend 2w without proper a/c, and a while later they called us again – they could offer us to be transferred to their hotel in Palma Nova on the southwest coast instead – with all-inclusive!

We packed quickly and off we went, in taxis paid by the hotel.

So on Saturday we landed in Ola Panama in Palma Nova.

Yet again we unpacked and went down for lunch at their excellent restaurant. Through the weeks we were amazed at the high quality of the meals – all meals (lunch & dinner) contained of a big salad buffet, 2-3 diff breads,  at least 2 diff plates of fish, meat and poultry each, add to that pasta & diff pasta sauces and a different rice-dish every day (diff kinds of paella mostly), and two (!) dessert buffets with lots of fresh fruits. And not only was the set-up like this every day – the meals were hardly ever repeated except for pizza/nuggets and some of the desserts! And the staff was amazing; always a smile, a chat and a laugh, and they were helpful and worked like genies there; it was definitely the best part of the hotel!

Unfortunately when we woke up Sunday morning the a/c in B&M’s room didn’t work properly (!), and they got moved for one night to another room while the technician fixed it. Same happened to us one night too, but they managed to find a fan for us that night…

On Sunday it was the WC soccer finals; all waiters in the restaurant were dressed in soccer shirts (I still want to kick myself for not taking a pic of them!) and the atmosphere was really bubbling! Since the hotel only had a small tv usually set on French channels (most of the guests were French, English and Dutch in that order) we asked Abel in the restaurant where to watch the game & he recommended a sports bar about 200 m from the hotel, so off we went. We were there over an hour before the game, but the place was packed with Spaniards and the whole place was a feast in red & yellow, and people chanting Viva España and singing A por Ellos. I still get goose bumps listening to it on You Tube!

B & M didn’t want to stay there with the girls since everybody was smoking there, but we stayed for the atmosphere and didn’t regret it even if my lungs weren’t very happy afterwards… Of course that could have to do with the screaming & chanting as well… 😉

This is definitely one night we won’t forget! It was just magical to be part of the game, in Spain, when they won! 🙂

After the game we joined up with B & M and the girls and while B went to the hotel with L (she’s only 4, so she was beat!) we went to the centre of Palma Nova to look at the caravans and listen to the cheering. 🙂

On Monday it was my birthday; I got a huge bouquet of flowers from Hubby and a Beautiful necklace set from B & M. The day was spent by the pool, and in the evening we ditched the buffet for a dinner by the sea.

In all other senses it would have been a perfect birthday, but unfortunately I saw that Bear Boss had called and when I returned his call he told me that the Gnome Boss, R, this same morning had given up in his courageous fight against the bladder-cancer he was diagnosed with in November last year… 😦

He truly was a one of a kind boss, and I miss him every day when I go into the office… We used to start our day with a coffee (for him), tea (for me) and a sandwich each from the café next door, as we chatted over the morning paper for a half hour or longer; such a nice routine and start of the day…

He was very skilled in reading emotions and often asked me what was wrong had anything happened – and he always had great advice to give.

As you all know Bear Boss has anything but peoples skills, and every Xmas I got a Xmas gift that Rolf went out & bought me; he always said that it was from the company, but I knew it was from him since Bear never mentioned anything, nor did the receipt show up on the company account…

He will be sorely missed… 😦

Most days were spent by the pool as we usually do; some days B&M went down to the beach and one day they took B&E with them too.

We soon got into a nice lil routine with knocking each other’s doors by around 9 am, having breakfast and then spending the day by the pool till about 1:30 pm when we went in to have lunch; then back out to the pool again till around 5-6 pm when we went in to shower and dress up for the evening. Then at about 7:30 pm we went down for dinner, and then out to watch the entertainment show by the pool with our all-inclusive drinks at hand. Kids usually opted for slush though… 😉

We were told that there would be a market in Magaluff on Saturdays, so off we went (it was the town next to Palma Nova, and within walking distance), but when we got there they told us it had been moved to Santa Ponca on the west coast. Oh well, we jumped on a bus and went there, it only took some 20 min’s. When we get there they tell us that the market has been cancelled!

Typical! But since we were there we decided to have lunch before going back and found a bar with a Cuban bartender and of course ordered a mojito! It was absolutely perfect and a holiday highlight! 🙂 The lunch wasn’t very good though, but after that mojito it didn’t matter that much… 😉

In the evening I also got my birthday present from Hubby, Mallorcan pearls that they sold at the hotel on Saturdays. 🙂

The next day, the 18th, we rented a car & went up to Alcudia for the fair as well as a visit to Cuevas del Drach on the east coast. B & M stayed at the hotel that day since they went to Mallorca only 2 years ago & saw those places then. Hubby & I went to Mallorca for our honey moon in -97, but had never been there with the kids, so we wanted them to see some of the island…

B&E decided that we should have Chinese for lunch – they loved the all-inclusive at the hotel, but were longing for their favourite food… 😉

They were very impressed by the caves too, especially the little boat ride on the cave lake.

Caves are really a family thing for us; wherever we go and they have some caves we make sure to visit them! J

The 22nd it was M’s turn to have a birthday; we took C with us to Inca during the day for another market, then we tried to call my aunts friend in Cala Bona to drive by & visit. We didn’t find the number to the restaurant, but did call their neighbor who said that “Juan is always there, just come over!”, so we did.

We got there around 3 pm and of course the bartender told us he had gone down to Palma for grocery shopping that very day, but he should be back by 4 pm. We decided to hang around for a while, but after a walk by the sea and a soda at the restaurant we gave up around 5:30 pm.. They wouldn’t let us pay for the sodas neither!

We were kinda rushed since M wanted to go to Palma and see the town by night, so we went back to the hotel, showered, had dinner & took a taxi to Palma.

In all honesty I don’t think it was that special, but it was M’s birthday, right? 😉

E was kinda tired and even accepted to be pushed in L’s stroller (it was just a joke, but he took it serious & sat down!), and around 10 pm we realized that the poor pup had a fever, so we left B&M in Palma & went back early so Hubby could take him to the ER since he was complaining about a sore ear and we were due to fly home 3 days later…

It turned out he had a temp of 38.6C and an inner- and middle ear infection! The dr was Cuban and wrote him a prescription of antib’s as well as ear drops and ibuprofen…

It was most challenging to keep E out of the swimming pool after the first day (first day he was more than happy to just lie in the shade & read a book), so we bought some wax ear-plugs and he himself made a point out of not putting his head underwater…

The last Saturday we took a glass-bottom boat to Palma for some shopping; but the glass bottom boat was a joke since it only stopped to pick up some more passengers at one spot along the way, so you couldn’t see anything under the water…

We were supposed to take the boat back as well, but time was running out since it was only 3 h’s later, so we opted to stay there and took a taxi home after some shopping at El Cortel Ingles, a very haussed Spanish store chain that really didn’t impress me…

The next day it was time to pack and go home, but since our flight didn’t leave till 10:20 pm we had a whole day by the pool before having to leave for the airport.

Flight home was uneventful (except that I missed the tax-free shopping since everybody was hungry), and it was very nice to sleep in my own bed even if I didn’t get there till 4 am! 😉

I was a bit worried that spending so much time together with B&M and the girls would be tough; we are great friends, but spending 16 days together, almost 24 h’s a day, could be challenging, but I was pleasantly surprised how smooth everything went. Sure, there were some minor clashes (mostly when M was making fun of E’s impulsiveness ), but mostly it was very nice and I would do it again without hesitation; though I would have liked having 2-3 days with only the 4 of us… 😉

 And that was that! 🙂


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